Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - The Perfect Gift Ideas For Gamers, Geeks and Nerds Alike!

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With Christmas right around the corner, why not take a look at our showcase of the best gifts for gamers, nerds and geeks? Whether you know an avid Pokemon fan, film buff or anime lover, or if you just fancy treating yourself to a little festive treat, you'll be sure to find something you love right here at The New Aesthetic. Let's dive right into it!

Christmas Cards

No Christmas will ever be complete without the perfect card to accompany those carefully-selected gifts - in fact, a good greeting card is just as important as the present itself! Take a look at some options below.

'Got Chu A Present' - Pikachu Christmas Card

Pikachu Pokemon Christmas Card

Not just ideal for Christmas (but still spot-on for the occasion), this adorable Pokemon Christmas card will be a sweet surprise for whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Take a look at the listing by clicking here.

'Merry Christmas' Pokemon Greeting Card

Merry Christmas Pokemon Christmas Card

Know somebody who loves Pokemon, but who also struggles to pick a favourite? No worries! Say hello to Pikachu, Rowlet, Delibird and cute little Togepi, who are all featured on our popular Pokemon Christmas card. Oh, and don't forget festive Stantler - featured here with a bright red nose!

Thanos 'Dread It' Christmas Card

The Avengers Thanos Christmas Card

Okay, so maybe Christmas isn't for everyone...but instead of playing the role of the Grinch, celebrate your grumpiness with this hilarious Thanos Christmas card, inspired by the supervillain's disdain for...well, just about anything. Maybe the festive season isn't for you...but seeing your fellow nerds happy may just bring a smile to your face.

'Is This A Christmas Card'?

Is This A Pigeon Christmas Card

Whether you're a fan of early 90s anime, or just familiar with one of 2018's most popular memes, this anime-inspired Christmas card is guaranteed to make you giggle. Wait - is it a Christmas card? Or is it a pigeon?

Gifts - Not Just For Christmas!

Now that you've found the perfect card, take a look at some of the items listed on our website which you or a loved one can enjoy year-round.

Eat, Sleep, Switch, Repeat

Eat Sleep Switch Repeat Nintendo Console T-Shirt

The Nintendo Switch has arguably been the gaming console of 2018, and here at The New Aesthetic, we're big fans. In fact, we're always glued to our Switches - and probably will be playing Mario Odyssey from Christmas Eve right through til Christmas Day. If you're anything like us, then this t-shirt's mantra is surely something you can relate to! (Psst - you can also pick up a mug with the same design - perfect for keeping the coffee flowing!)

Nintendo Console Cushion

Nintendo Console Cushion

Speaking of Nintendo (and gaming, for that matter): everybody needs a comfortable spot for playing their favourite games. This cushion shows some of the gaming giant's most popular consoles from throughout the years, and comes complete with padding - not just the cushion cover. If you love the design, feel free to check it out on a t-shirt, too. Alternatively, there's this all-over print designed tee for your consideration, or a cushion with the 'Eat, Sleep...' pattern also available here.

Nintendo/Avengers Mash-Up T-Shirt

Nintendo Avengers Mash Up T-Shirt

As you can probably tell, we're big fans of Nintendo - but we also love our superheroes and comic books, too. It's for that reason that we decided to create this mash-up of two of our favourite things - but who's your favourite Nintendo Avenger? Personally, we love Thor - pick out your favourite and show them off with this tee, or celebrate your love of both worlds by hanging up this poster on your wall for all infinity.

'Sit Back, Snorlax' Cushion

Sit Back Snorlax Pokemon Cushion

There's one last feature for all the Pokemon fans out there - specifically, those who love Snorlax! This big guy is a spirit animal for millions of people out there, as he sure knows how to relax and unwind. This cushion will make the perfect addition to your sofa, bed or comfy spot - so make like Snorlax, sit back and relax!

'Visit Tilted Towers'

Visit Tilted Towers Fortnite T-Shirt

The penultimate item on our list is inspired by one of this year's most popular games: we are of course talking about Fortnite. Remember a few months back when the world thought that Titled Towers was going to be destroyed by a meteor? Well, that might have only ended up being a half-truth - but who doesn't like a good landmark? Memorialise this famous location from the game with this fun t-shirt.

'Notorious Thanos' T-Shirt

Avengers Thanos Notorious BIG T-Shirt

The final item in our gift guide is inspired by not only one of the year's top films, but by one of hip-hop's most notorious icons. This mash-up tee is one of our all-time best-loved items, and will make a fantastic addition to any Marvel-lover's wardrobe.


Love these items? Place an order by December 1st to save 10% - use the code 'XMAS10' to apply the discount to any of these items, or any other item in our store!

Many of these items come in different colours, so be sure to check out their individual listings for options! If you need a kid's size or ladies' fitted option, just shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Each of our items are ethically sourced and printed, using forest-friendly card (where applicable) and vegan/child-friendly inks - perfect for a guilt-free Christmastime.

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